The Avalon Centre, Sligo

The Avalon Centre is a vibrant and energetic charity organisation in the heart of Sligo town. The organisation provides a diverse range of programmes and services to meet the needs of the local and wider community both young and old. Our enthusiastic and dedicated staff ensure that the Avalon Centre is the leading choice for youth related activities in Sligo town while our social day centre affords members the opportunity to engage with their peers and participate in a range of social, physical and developmental activities.

Some of the project/programmes we have in the centre are listed below, please visit the programmes page for more details

  1. Social Day Centre
  2. Support Programme for Children and Young People
  3. Integrated Special Needs Programmes
  4. Kids Adventure
  5. Community Access Programme
  6. Integrated Summer Camps
  7. Our Show
Social Day Centre
Our Show
Summer Camps
Support Programme for Children and Young People
Youth Activities
Music, Drama & Dance